About Us

David Peter, Principal


 David Peter has over 25 years of experience in the environmental,  construction and petroleum industries.  He has purchased and remediated many environmentally impaired and otherwise distressed properties.  Background in the above industries, as well as real estate experience, has provided the framework for the successful conversion of abandoned impaired sites to income producing properties. Working with municipalities as well as neighbors and other stakeholders is also an important part of the process, and Site Redevelopment Technologies has become known as a reliable partner by associates who have worked to help improve the property values in their area.

Recently, as Owner of a pioneering environmental remediation contracting company, he developed many innovative, low cost soil remediation procedures.  These new technologies have been accepted by both state and federal regulators, and are the basis of his forming Site Redevelopment Technologies.  In many cases, the lower cost procedures result in savings of over a million dollars per site for remediation costs alone.  They have allowed for economically redeveloping numerous brownfield properties previously left vacant for many years.

Mr. Peter was Owner and CEO of United Retek Corporation where innovative technologies were devised, approved, and employed for on-site soil remediation of various hazard constituents.  United Retek acquired federal and state approvals throughout the eastern US to perform remediation of soils as well as treatment of contaminated dredge spoils.  In many cases, re-use of the remediated materials also saved the owner substantial costs for sub-grade material.  Many projects were overseen by the US EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers where United Retek enjoyed a favorable reputation as a thorough and detailed, innovative remediation contractor.

Prior to United Retek, David was General Manager of Aggregate Industries Northeast Region, and was responsible for all Real Estate, Environmental, Corporate Public Relations, and Acquisitions in the Northeast US.  It was during this time that he started and developed the Soil Reclamation Division, initially receiving virtually all of the petroleum contaminated soil from Boston's Central Artery project.  The Division grew to be a substantial profit center and provided a platform to develop numerous Brownfield properties in the Northeast.  As the holder of a European Patent to recycle contaminated soils into road construction materials, he has experience in redeveloping properties internationally.  While an Aggregate Industries executive, and during subsequent consulting work, he devoted over 15 years to leading the cleanup, regulatory, and legal issues related to the US EPA Haverhill Municipal Landfill Superfund Site, as well as many other company-owned properties.

Prior to Aggregate Industries, he worked for US Steel / Marathon Oil Company in various engineering and management positions throughout the Midwest and Southern US. 

David Peter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters Degree from Brown University.  He has been a member of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Chemical Society for over 25 years and is currently on the Board of DIrectors of the Environmental Business Council of New England.

Bryan K. Girts

Bryan K. Girts has spent the better part of his more than 26 year career in and around the real estate industry.  After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1983, he began his career in the Real Estate Finance Department of Crocker National Bank in Orange County, California.  As a result of the worst real estate recession on record, Bryan was quickly introduced into the world of non-performing loan portfolios, OREOs, and distressed properties, and was hand-picked by senior management to help set up one of the industry's first "Bad Banks" (Bracton Corporation) with assets in excess of $1 billion.

During the next seven years, Bryan spent his time traveling throughout the US developing and implementing liquidation strategies for diverse assets that included office towers, hotels, and residential developments in all stages and thousands of acres of raw land.  As the portfolio shrank, Bryan was asked to join the Corporate Finance Group of Midland Bank PLC, the parent of Bracton, in New York.  While working on traditional corporate finance transaction, he quickly found a niche of providing real estate advice and consulting services for UK clients with US investment.  One such client Bardon PLC, a rapidly growing construction materials company, used his services to restructure a partnership on the verge of collapse and refinance a residential development loan prior to foreclosure for a 660 lot residential development in Montgomery County, Maryland.  The results were so successful that Bardon offered Bryan a job to oversee all the real estate in their rapidly growing business within the US.

His responsibilities included directing the acquisitions dispositions, rezoning and permitting of over 25,000 acres of land used for quarrying and other construction material uses.  During his tenure with Bardon (now Aggregate Industries), his role expanded to an EVP of Administration and included risk management, legal, treasury,  employee benefits and was a key member of the due diligence team in the acquisition and integration of over 65 companies in six regions of the country.  As a senior member of Aggregate Industries for over 14 years, he was an integral part of the tremendous growth and success of one of the largest construction material companies in the US.